We love hearing that are patients are happy with their smiles.  If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

"Before Mason got his braces on he smiled and laughed with his mouth closed and generally talked less.  The day he got braces we noticed an immediate difference, his shy smile had became an ear to ear grin.  His school pictures taken a week after is braces was a complete contrast to every picture we had of him for many years.  He showed his teeth and dimples in a huge smile and his confidence was clear.  He has grown into a totally different person during his treatment, and the day he got his braces off he snapped the hugest selfie with his beautiful white, super straight teeth.  I never realized how insecure he was of his teeth, how they buckled over and protruded, and how one was chipped (which isn't even noticeable now that they're straight!) until we fixed the problem.  The team at Stout and Booth made my child feel comfortable in his own skin and happy with is appearance!"

Thank you!
photo of treated patient

"We are a military family and it is hard to find a hometown feeling when we are far away from home, but we have found that in Stout & Booth. Our eldest daughter started as an informal patient years ago and we have progressed to all four of our children being served at various stages in orthodontic treatment. Dr. Booth and his staff, of wonderful ladies, are concerned about their job but never forget the person involved. Dr. Booth gives honest professional and personal opinions about each of one of our children. Each child is treated as an individual with their concerns taken into account before and during treatment. We are impressed that Dr. Booth does not overtreat and uses the least restrictive measures first. Stout & Booth is a "family" business where a family's needs come first. We are proud to be a part of the Stout & Booth family.

* Our son, Aaron, has received treatment for his underbite and has had to wear a face mask. Dr. Booth discussed the options and the commitment with our 9 year old. Aaron agreed to wear the mask at night and has made amazing progress in a short period of time. Aaron saw a man, on TV recently, with a pronounced underbite and he said, "That man needs to go to Dr. Booth so he can look as good as me."


photo of treated patient

"My name is Derek Covell and I was fortunate enough to have my orthodontics done by Dr. Booth. My life has come full circle and I am now the sales rep for Sullivan-Schein Dental in the Fayetteville area. It was great to get to know Dr. Booth and his staff all over again. I have graduated high school, college, got married, had two beautiful daughters, and grown about 16 inches since my days as a patient, but it still feels like home every time I stop by the office. The staff even enjoys teasing me with my seventh grade photos. I never thought that I would be able to give back to a practice that has done so much for me. They helped shape my smile into what it is today, and I can't thank them enough for that. I am honored to be a part of their team and consider them family!!"

Respectfully yours,
Derek Covell


photo of treated patient

"I had wanted straight teeth since I was a teenager. After graduating from college, I went to an orthodontist in Charlotte. He told me that I was too old for braces at age 22! I came to see Dr. Booth about fifty years later and learned that I was not too old. (I was probably the oldest patient ever at Stout and Booth orthodontics.) Dr. Booth and all of his staff made wearing braces a pleasant experience. The 13 months flew by fast and voila! Straight teeth! Almost every Tuesday when I volunteer at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in the cardiac surgery waiting room, some one will comment on my smile. I think it's because I no longer hide my teeth when I smile!"

Kitty Davis


photo of treated patient

"As a dental hygienist, I feel very fortunate to have experienced Dr. Booth's excellent orthodontic care both professionally and personally. It has been my good fortune to see the quality outcome after his treatment of many of our patients and I am always impressed that no matter how many years have passed, his patients look the same as the day their braces were removed. Dr. Booth and his staff work extremely well together to provide the highest quality of orthodontic care available. It's never too late to have a healthy and pleasing smile. That is why, when I needed orthodontic treatment, I chose Dr. Booth."

Pam Hicks


photo of treated patient

"At the mention of the word braces, brass players worldwide give a collective shudder. Imagining a mouthful of metal which would adversely affect the way I made music was something to grimace about. As you might imagine, I was a bit more than skeptical about any orthodontic procedures Dr. Booth and his team had in mind. After feelings of general resentment toward everyone, (i.e. Dr. Booth, my mother, and whoever decided to invent braces…) I decided to put my complaining on the back burner, and start learning how to play trumpet again. This was almost two years ago. Since then I've made all-state band, played numerous solo performances, and I've just completed my first year as music major at UNC- Chapel Hill. I'm now playing better with braces than I ever was without them. I really thank Dr. Booth and his staff for caring so much, always asking how the music was going, and even inviting me to play in their office. It's nice to know that someone is working just as hard as you are to reach the same goal. Dr. Booth is determined that his patients have a beautiful smile which improves both their self-esteem and professional life. I can honestly say that this experience has helped me as a person, and as a musician, its effect will be evident in both my music and my pictures. In the music world it would seem that trumpet players and orthodontists are natural born enemies, but after experiencing the supportive, caring environment engendered by the staff, I'm proud to call the people at Stout & Booth Orthodontics my friends."

Ryan Raven


"At 39 years of age, I came to Stout and Booth for help, not out of some vain desire for a better smile, but upon my trusted dentist's recommendation for long-term dental health. I'm glad I took his advice. Dr. Booth and his staff of dedicated assistants lived up to their strong reputation. They were caring and thoughtful, but above all, professional. Not only did they successfully address my dental needs; they left me with a smile my wife and children love. If you're thinking about orthodontics, you ought to go for it, and you should let Stout and Booth take care of you. They will, and you'll be glad you did."

Robby Hicks


photo of treated patient

Dear Dr. Booth and Staff:
"A many thanks to each one of you, Thank you for going above and beyond, and giving me the smile I've always dreamed of having. Now that my teeth are straight, I have something extra to smile about. Thanks for giving the Raven Family something to smile about. In closing I would like to extend my gratitude to each and every one of you for making me part of the team, and not just another patient."

Shelia Raven


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